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Receive accurate classification comparisons in 14 key categories that make up most of the revenue generated by a typical menswear store. Compiled from store numbers from across North America, this data gives users a view of actual results month to month for a 13 to 24 month time frame.


With over 20 years of experience in the menswear industry, Danny Paul brings the Trend Report data ‘to life’ through careful analysis of what the numbers mean to your business, and the industry overall. The Trend Report is more than just a collection of numbers, it’s a guide to success in the menswear industry.


Results delivered directly to your inbox. The Trend Report will be delivered to you each month in PDF format – perfect for printing and archiving, or browsing right on your computer. Receive all of the latest, most accurate menswear data without lifting a finger. Sign up today!

There is no other site where monthly sales results are available. Subscribers will gain honest insights when they can compare how they are doing against other like businesses. Retail Community Trend Reports give men’s apparel retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to receive accurate classification comparisons in 14 key categories. These categories represent the majority of revenue generated in a typical men’s apparel store. The monthly Trend Reports contain the current year month by month and the prior year. Subscribers can see how stores did this past month and this year against last. This gives users a broad view of actual results month to month for a 13 to 24 month time frame.

In addition, written reports give insights beyond just raw numbers. Retail Community has an open dialogue with store owners across the country each and every month. We don’t just report results we give you reasons why these trends are developing. Sales results are influenced by the economy to a degree. Fashion and style trends and price points also influence the results achieved.

If you do business with specialty retailers or you own or work in the men’s apparel industry. You will find these reports of great value.

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