I find Danny Paul’s planning service a great return on investment. Danny has saved me many thousands of dollars that would have been over invested in inventory not producing a good return for those dollars in those classes. I find Danny forthright & candid when it comes to outside perspective on my business and Danny’s goal is to make us a better more profitable business. I might not always like what he has to say however it is always for the benefit of our business.

Danny’s service is not money spent, it is money well invested for our company. I would and have recommended his service many times.

R. Paul Simmonds
Robert Simmonds

Working with Danny and my retail partners over the years has insured our continue success in retail game. Where else can an independent retailer go and find a group of retailers who can dissect problems, share successful ideas, and help planning your goals. This is done feeling completely comfortable that everything discussed would be held in the utmost of confidentiality. I don’t know how an independent retailer is able to survive in this market place without a group of peer retailers that Danny has provided. What a great feeling knowing anytime, day or night, I can call another fellow retailer and talk confidentially about my business.

J.S. Edwards Ltd.

Carla and I feel strongly that without your expertise in planning and without the tremendous benefits derived from our membership in the Lure Group, Mister Guy probably would not have survived the chaos of the last 3 or so years.

Terry Felumb
Mister Guy